Assassin's Creed 2

just decided to give this game a try. I hated the 1st one that's why it took me so long to check it out but this one is great. Beating this game will unfortunately cut into my Fallout New Vegas time

anyone else like the sequel much better than the 1st one?

i liked them pretty much the same.

I saw them as virtually the same game just with a few more moves in teh 2nd.

Loved them both

they felt like completely different games to me.

i found the 2nd to be more complete and fun, once you got past the first 30 mins or so. very cool storyline imo.

Really enjoyed both games but the 2nd game is a lot better than the first. I can't wait for Brotherhood to come out I am anxious to see what MP is like.

I liked it, although there was way too much hand-holding, which Ubisoft seems to do in all their games now. It felt like you were in a tutorial right up to the end almost.

love the sequel didnt like the first one. waiting for brotherhood.

what's this brotherhood you speak of?

brotherhood is the next installment of assassins creed to be released nov16th.

 second game was very fun. i even collected all the paintings and such. the mechanics are spot on, and the story was very entertaining as well. ill be getting brotherhood.