ASSAULT DOGS Regulation?


BackGround Checks and if Criminal Conviction or LOW Credit Score = you can get a chihuahua alarm but NO ASSAULT DOG?

Your POSTING should be regulated.


When I tell my bitches to heel, I expet them hoes to chill. Then I regulate they bodies with my 7&3/4ths

It’s regulated on my computer.

^LOL you know he read in SignedOut Mode or using one of his numerous Alt.Accounts

Yes OP, they should

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this really is a CAPITAL Idea! We live in a CIVILIZED society and people shouldn’t have to worry about the THREAT of ILLbred curs owning such a DANGEROUS animal which they are incapable of managing…

I believe Savannah Cats are illegal to own in many jurisdictions, so it’s not unreasonable to expect some A$$AULT DOG regulation

…in fact the Cat Fancy Savannah Cats are rather posh priced which sets the ownership bar too high anyway for the average LOWbred mongrel to even dream of having one, so this business of common-cur A$$AULT Dog ownership is preposterous, and how is it they can even afford proper pet care when they have such a LOW credit score?