Assie OGer, What and authentic Australian meal?

What are some dishes you guy are partial to?

Kangaroo Phone Post 3.0

Wallaby and vegemite sandwiches

Cockmeat Sandwiches.

Aussie. Like Ozzie Phone Post 3.0

The traditional Australian chicken parmagiana.

6 mini kegs of fosters. Phone Post 3.0

And a baby koala. Phone Post 3.0

Sushi and margaritas. Obviously. Phone Post 3.0

Don't ask those inbred shitheels a question and expect an honest answer Phone Post 3.0

Flame grilled British backpacker. Phone Post 3.0

Shrimp on the barbie?

A blooming onion

Shrimp Phone Post 3.0


I hear dingos love them. Phone Post 3.0

PeterIrl - The traditional Australian chicken parmagiana.
Mmmmmm now you're talking.
There's a place in melbourne called Mrs Parmas, so good.
Their Aussie parma is the shit. Phone Post 3.0

Everything you need to know about Australian cuisine.

Vietnamese rolls Phone Post 3.0

Pot and parma. Or els meat pie is pretty bogan lol. Phone Post 3.0

For me a camp oven of lamb and veg followed by a 30 block of the greatest drink VB Phone Post 3.0