At Chik Fil A, wearng Flip Flops. Come at me bitch

I just DARE some uppity bitch to cut me in line.

Can't wait to enjoy this succulent Grilled Chicken Cool wrap and Waffle Fries! Phone Post 3.0

Get em' Phone Post 3.0

Get em Phone Post 3.0

Damn you eat a lot if chick fil a Phone Post 3.0

Probably at McDonalds in Crocs.

I had chic-fil-a once and wasn't crazy about it... I'm gonna try it again, what specifically is good there? Phone Post 3.0

Never had the lunch there.

The sausage, egg and cheese biscuit sandwiches for breakfast, though. I said Goddamn! Phone Post 3.0

Grilled Chicken Wrap? What did your boyfriend order?

Spicy chicken sandwich , wafffel fries and a big ass milk shake


Its story time already? Its been 2 months? Phone Post 3.0