At home with the King...

Here are some recent pics...

Kirra, Daisy and Roscoe...

My new dog Roscoe... and my tshirt... :-)

Roscoe wrestling with Daisy...

Roscoe and Daisy relaxing afterwards...


I've always wanted to see the hypothetcial Gomez.

Nice Corn.

I see Rosco has worked on his wrestling technique. He's really got the third hook sunk.

We have a new puppy and my daughter named her Daisy. I'll try to get a pic up soon.

Yeah Roscoe is really working his BJJ. Was really getting good at taking the back.  Daisy's escapes are lacking though.

Sweet, can't wait to see it.


Nice, great pics! Yeah i have a funny feeling that Daisy is kinda like Sakuraba and doesn't mind giving up her back...

Great to finally see the hypothetical Gomez, he's a screamer.

Roscoe is one cool lookin dog, but who's the sasquatch holding him, you can barely see past the arm-pelt ;P

Now how about ol leon??

You guys are just plain cruel... :-(

I'll try and get more pics up of the rest of the zoo soon.  Just got a new ferret for my male Popeye. I've decided to call her Olive.


Our 1yr 8 month old Harvey and new boxer pup Daisy. Not the greatist pics but all I have right now.

Nice pics... :-)



much love for boxers too.

lol Popeye & Olive nice !


Hey! How are you?


Doing well thanks... :-)


Nice pics