At last, espn and bjj unite!!

I finally saw some grappling on ESPN last night. At first it was the normal Paul Mitchell bullshit point sparring and forms crap but then i flipped it on again just in time to see the fight end in a nice armbar from the guard. I forgot the names of the two competitors. But its aboutt time some grappling is aired on that network. Screw the table tennis championships and spelling bees MORE GRAPPLING maybe its due to the few emails ive written ESPN.

I was working at a bar checking ID's and the tv above me is usually on ESPN. They had all these crazy katas and two minutes later I look up and I saw rolling. I almost freaked It was a nice exchange and the guys were flowing well and technical. Unfortunately the average viewer would have been clueless as to what was going on (as opposed to watching people do acrobatic katas and go "oooooo").

I think is was a Paul Mitchell Salon Karate invitational or something. To be honest it looked like a demo sort of thing (with a ref). The guys were black belts (forget their names). The reason I say it was a demo is because there was too much flash and activity. It did not have the look of a real fight. The reason I say this is because their was too many position changes etc. Too many subs and counters. At the BB level it is more of a slow, cautious game. They were big dudes and I felt like I was watching a 135lb BB match in Brazil.

Lol @ Paul Mitchell sponsoring martial arts

good job emailing them, I am going to go email them right now and thank them for it and tell them how much i loved seeing it and please tell me when you will be airing more of it.

even though i didn't even see it but whatever

please do the same:

yea I wrote ESPN a few times, I was about to start sending some hate mail or threats or something I guess someone somewhere realized that bjj should be shown. Who was to think a hair care specialist would be the one to kick it off but props to Paul Mitchell.

Paul Mitchell has sponsored the top karate competitors for YEARS. He always recruits the winners of big tourneys to represent his team. I will be psyched if he starts extending that to BJJ/grapplers.


ttt for sending an e-mail to the address amsbjj posted

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