At my first Pro Hockey game

This time, he brought the sign:


I’m pretty sure every game after this will be a disappointment


That’s a hell of a first game experience.


Will he get some camera time during the intermission report?

I feel bad for the NHL…can you imagine Bernie Federko sitting in on the halftime report during the NBA finals???

Edit becuz bernie federko sounds funnier than brendan shanahan

just wait for @Gritty to come ramble about hockey and how amazing it is live

This. I’ve only been to a Gulls game. WAR TAMPA GAY

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I don’t know shit about fuck when it comes to hockey.

As far as live events, I’ve been to an NBA Eastern Conference Finals Game 7, an NBA Finals Game 7, and a bunch of MMA events…and this is probably the funnest out of all of them.


Hockey is the best live sports event

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Liam Hemsworth Workaholics GIF by Comedy Central

Maybe it’s not the norm and I got lucky, but by far the best crowd I’ve been around for any sport.

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overtime game also…you won big this night!

I was this close to seeing my first NHL game a few weeks ago…wouldve been a lighting game too

But we got covid and stayed in our entire trip
We got to see the Rays spanks the Yanks though

I forgot that you are in that area

NHL hockey and MLB baseball are both so fun in person and not so fun on tv.