At the state fair in oklahoma

So fat ive had nachos and a fried vanilla cupcake. Prepping my body now for a grilled bacon fluffernutter and fried fruity pebbles. Phone Post 3.0

Try the deep fried diabeetus.

It's delicious. Phone Post 3.0

I have heard of nachos

never even seen the rest of your meal plan

those dishes haven't made it to the oregon yet I guess.

Also here...

-Pancake burger
-A burger with a fried mac n cheese patty instead of sliced cheese
-capn crunch batter corn dog

And apparently a fried snicker bar that is wrapped in cotton candy.

oh im also going to get chicken and waffles on a stick, where the chicken is cooked within the waffle. Phone Post 3.0

 grilled bacon fluffernutter and fried fruity pebbles. 

I love how you typed "fat" instead of "far." Phone Post 3.0

I didn't regret not going until you mentioned bacon fried fluffernutter, even though I have no idea what it is. Bacon

what is the size of the people there

that shit sounds a bit rich