At what age did you stop following "what's cool"

I think I gave up on being trendy around 27. In my early 30's my wife would buy me "hip" clothes and I made her take them back. Phone Post 3.0

At age 14 I think. Phone Post

If you mean following what other people think is cool - 18

After that, I tried to create my own looks and influence others into the nature of "cool". 

"I'm a loner Dottie, a rebel." Phone Post 3.0

I don't follow cool it follows me. Phone Post 3.0

cheesyfries - "I'm a loner Dottie, a rebel." Phone Post 3.0
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I stopped following what was 'cool' before it was cool. Phone Post

10th grade Phone Post

23-24. I'm getting worse as I age. I find myself rejecting, or refusing to buy into things that are popular. I haven't seen any of the big summer blockbuster movies, the last three movies I saw in theaters were Place Beyond the Pines, Mud & Before Midnight. I haven't heard a song by 2 Chainz, J. Cole, Drake, or the vast majority of any popular music artist. I don't even know who is popular outside of rap. Carly Rae Jespen? I don't know who half the young Hollywood celebrities are in the pictures threads on the UG. I don't even know what clothes are trendy other than what I see at school. Some of the shit these kids wear is heinous, I just laugh and shake my head.

I hate it because it makes me feel like a hipster, but I truly don't give a shit about most this stuff that everyone gets excited about. I'm slowly turning into my parents, haha.

Once I graduated and realized high school wasn't the world. I'm a college junior now and enjoy my life much more now that I do the things i like rather than try to fit in. Phone Post 3.0

I never did. My style knows no bounds, as it transcends space and time. Phone Post 3.0

22ish Phone Post

I'm a slave to trends.

Anyone wanna be MySpace friends? Phone Post 3.0

Not sure when but it was a long time ago.
Probably end of high school maybe? Phone Post 3.0

I stopped trying to be "cool" in my mid-20s.

Now, I follow topics and participate in activities that interest me. If these things happen to be "cool", that's fine. If they're not, that's fine too.

Not to long ago actually i was always trying to party and be cool with all the popular kids and then i started training again and realized what a moron i was.


14 years ago, I was 14 and in the 9th grade.

I acquired a Black Sabbath record.

That was all it took.

When I discovered Rush the following year, there was no turning back. And no more hair cuts.

early 20s

I listened to classic rock all through high school. I didn't really get into contemporary music again until grunge/alternative hit around the time I graduated.

Clothes wise, I've always been a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. That hasn't really changed.