ATA now bankrupt!

RIP to the shittiest airline I've flown with. I guess all those vouchers they gave me are now useless. I wonder how many pissed off people are in Honolulu airport right now knowing that all operations ceased so they can't catch the flight back home today or any other this time this week unless paying extra to fly with another airline?

After filing for Chapter 11 on April 2, 2008 in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Indianapolis, IN, ATA Airlines has discontinued all operations and cancelled all current and future flights. Following the loss of a key contract for our military charter business, it became impossible for ATA to continue operations. Unfortunately, we were not in a position to provide our customers or others with advance notice.

We apologize for the disruption caused by the sudden shutdown of ATA and regret the impact on passengers, employees, suppliers, and other parties. ATA customers should seek alternative arrangements for current and future travel. A list of other airlines serving ATA’s destinations is available here.

ATA customers who purchased tickets using a credit card should contact their credit card company or travel agency directly for information about how to obtain a refund for unused tickets.

ATA currently is unable to provide refunds to customers who purchased tickets directly from ATA with cash or a check. These customers may be able to obtain a full or partial refund for their unused tickets by submitting a claim in ATA’s Chapter 11 proceedings. Information about submitting a claim will be available at the following website:

Customers who purchased tickets from Southwest Airlines for flights operated by ATA under the codeshare agreement should contact Southwest Airlines directly at (800) 308-5037. Southwest has implemented a plan to take care of all customers who purchased a ticket on Southwest and are scheduled to travel on ATA service by rebooking them on a new itinerary, or offering a full refund for any unused portion of a ticket. For further information, click here.

Additional information is available at the following links:

 another one bites the dust!

holy moly

it's gonna be all foreign airlines running shit here soon.

our gov fuct up w/ unfair policy towards many of our own domestic airlines giving foreign flights a competitive advantage over us. bastards

It's crazy. Here in LA, ATA told their passengers to try and find other airlines to honor the tickets. I saw one couple on the news that paid $500 a tix now need to "suck it up" and pay $1600 a tix to Maui.

as much as i'm all for fair trade, competition, blah, blah...i'm glad that airline is out of business. they sucked major donkey balls. my worst flights were always ATA.

ATA's demise was a direct result of Aloha's

We need legalized gambling.....

thank god i fly united and northwest.

my daughter was supposed to fly in tomorrow night from the mainland for her spring break...
her flight was on ATA...
a last minute ticket would cost me $2,000...
suffice it to say, the poor little girl won't get to see daddy for spring break now...


 ^^ bummer bro.

That sucks vince!!! Sorry to hear that..I'll try to put a rush on a "misplaced LX" for you..

lol... thanks FearMir... luckily our tickets for vegas are not on ATA...
so we'll still be looking forward to kickin' it with you out there!