Atama Gi Shrinkage

Figured I would ask here and hope to get an unbiased answer. Now, I know that folks here seem to dislike the fact that Atama has raised their prices, but that isn't what this is about. The sizes on the Gi is as follows:

6'0"-6'4" 200-250 A-4
6'0"-6'4" 225-275 A-5
6'2"-6'6" 250-300 A-6

I am 6' 3" 220 lbs. It seems that size A-4 would fit. My arms are fairly long (have a hard time when sweatshirts shrink, they don't fit anymore when they fit before they were washed).

So, what size should I get? Keeping in mind, I'm sure they will shrink... I'm just not sure how much. I don't want the sleeves to short but I don't want to swim in the Gi either.

I would airdry the Gi but I want it clean and dry for the next day of class... so airdrying isn't really an option.


A5. My sleeves shrunk so much I couldn't do sleeve choks anymore.

A5 top, A4 pants

"A5 top, A4 pants"

Ah.. yes. I thought about that a couple weeks ago and forgot.

Thanks for both the replies.

I am 5' 7" and about 190. My a3 fits perfectly. I have dried it a lot. Don't know if that helps at all.

I went with A5 top, A4 pans and A3 belt (my old belt is getting all nasty) and it's about 6" to long .. and the A3 would fit much better.

Man, I'm all screwed up. =)

My Atama shrank a hell of a lot, I only ever washed cold and air dried. That said I bought it a few years back so they may have changed the cloth since then.

I have an Atama a3 that fits perfect and another(bad boy) made by atama a3 that is too small.
They are the exact same cut too.

when in doubt go up, the dryer will magically work things out.

Do the pink ones shrink at the same rate?