ATAMA GI's/Ontario

Does anyone know of an ATAMA's Rep. in Ontario? I am looking for an A2 in Blue. If anyone else has info on GI's in Ontario please post it as well. The ATAMA's web site has Blue Gi's Gold Weave on sale for $84 US plus $15.00US for UPS Shipping, it comes to under $130 Canadian after figuring in the exchange rates. But I would prefer to keep my business in Canada with Canadian folks getting my money.




ttt, ill need a gi sooner or later and would liek to know as well

Hey Wiley are you changing gi's, also are you going to be in class Tuesday day class if so see you there.

blue Showdown Gi's are on en route!

call the Showdown MMA Store if you want me to save you one :)



Thats Great News. I was the guy bugging yah at the Joslins Tourney about getting them in blue and just like you said you would at the tourney, you posted when they would be coming. THANKS!!!!

Its funny, but just before I posted about the ATAMA's I sent you an email asking when the blue Showdown GI's would be ready.

Iron Legs, I hope to be there for the afternoon class. I want a new GI, I just cant get enough of them. I think I want that Atama GI collar that is hard to get a hold of and used for chokes. Jerry's collar is tough as nails and you cant get a good grip to apply a choke, so I am contemplating a new GI. Plus exchange rates are good and there on sale at their website. I love my Keiko Raca, but I just might get a Blue Atama, or Blue Showdown.

Thanks for the info.



just a quick question. theres no significance in the color of a gi right? it has nothin to do with your level (like a belt) does it?

Jerrys gi is a double weave atama and believe me you dont want a double weave atama! I sold that gi to gerry cause I couldnt stand it anymore! Thing was like a suit of armour! Also the ATAMA pants suck! They rip and wear out fast! Stick to Keiko Raca or get a showdown!

Blue Showdown Gi's?

Sounds good. I may have to get one instead of washing mine after every class for the next class.

Blue GI's means something in most BJJ schools. It means your GI will appear to be cleaner than white ones. With spending so much time on my back I thought "Man this white GI now has a grey back." So I bought a Blue GI and it just appears cleaner.

I can't believe that I am saying this but if you get the liquid tide and scrub the back of the Gi, (mine is a showdown) before you wash it, it comes pretty clean. But it has to be the liquid and then you have to let it sit for a minute or two before you wash it.

Dougie "Martha Stewart"

I will only use liquid soap on my GI's. It's not as harsh on them as powder detergent. I tried that, but man it came only so clean. Plus Blue GI's are different, most people dont wear them I choose to wear one. I want a black one as well. I have 3 now and want a forth.

I only have the one but I am looking to get a new one in January to slow down on having to wash and wear it so often.

if you get a blue gi please for the love of fresh air and hygene, wash it as you would a white gis make you look like a smurf... i agree with what liborio1 typed...


I wash mine after every second class. I hang it up immediately after the first class, and spray the "Heck" out of it with Frebreeze so it doesn't stink. I do the same thing with my knee pads. I hang my Gi in the furnace room and the heat in the room helps dry it really quick. When it's cold outside and the heat comes on a lot it dry's over night sometimes in the summer I hang it outside, as the furnace room isn't hot.


LOLOL at "I can't believe that I am saying this but...." You know I never knew how to work the goddamn washing machine till I bought a couple of nice gi's. My white Dragao drove me nuts cause I rolled with a couple of guys who had just bought blue gi's and they didnt wash them before training in them and I had all these little blue clinging balls hanging off my new white gi and dye on the sleves and stitching. I finally broke down and threw some bleach in there, and that did the trick although I wouldnt make it a habit.


i used to wash my gi after every practice, basically if i don't have a clean gi i don't train.i'm a bit nuts about of next week i'll start washing my gi after every practice, again:)