Ate at buffet, nearly shat myself

…like a pro.

Whoa whoa whoa little fella. Don’t go getting yourself worked up. It’s not your fault you smell the way you smell. You are as God made you. A dirty stinking shit kicking NC redneck. And I love you for it.

Golden Corral, op?

how many plates did you stack?

It was a dirty little dive. A chinese place. I’d estimate I ate about 3lbs of black pepper chicken and general tsos chicken lol.

I’m shocked that grimes little place hasn’t been shut down by the health department. But man I love it so much.

the chinese buffets were a staple throughout high school and college. always great rumors about those places.

I’m telling you that smell is from you sweating out the 99 cent bologna you eat and the bologna infused oily anal discharge coming from those Sea cows you keep sticking you face in.

Listen pal. You disparaging the good names of the many large women I service is not a good look for you.

I already told you. I’m ugly as fuck. For me, it’s either bang big broads, or don’t bang at all. So how about showing your old pal KJ a little support?!

For the sake of our friendship, I’m going to pretend I didnt see you slander bologna.

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Holy fuck that is funny

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KirikJr takes LEISURELY shits in his back yard like a lemur like man while his huskyFAT girlfriend prepares his OUTdoor wipestatiON.


Happy Robert Redford GIF

I drove past a Brazillian steakhouse the other day and forgot how much I love them. Just keep bringing me cuts of meat on a sword until I say no more (BEEP).

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