Ate at the worst restaurant, weirdest location eva

So I went out to Pittsburgh today to see my family (probably will make a separate thread as it is not as "light" as this one) and on the way home stopped in Carlisle to eat before getting back on the road.  At this time we had drove all day back and forth and were tired.  I was on autopilot and saw a billboard for a buffet called Iron Skillet.  Whatever, probably some local Golden Corral type of slop, but it was right off the exit and a place like this is a good place to go with an 18-month old because different food keeps her busy.  

I didn't even pay attention walking in as it looked like a normal place.  There was a convenience store attached to it to the left.  Whatever.  I walk in.  Seat ourselves.  No other "family" is in there.  Fuck it, we're here.  Order the buffet; go up first to get food for the little girl while moms keeps her busy.  I was literally shocked at what the selection looked like.  First off, you have to eat off this aluminum pan that is shaped like a skillet.  It looks like prison food and it feels like prison.  Everything was old looking and/or overcooked.  I am stunned as I am putting fucking gruel on my "skillet" thinking this has to be some kind of joke.  They had some seafood salad thing that looked like it would kill someone, "Swedish meatballs" that looked like dog food, some beef and mach and cheese thing that looked like it was 10 days old, BBQ ham that was all fat, dry fried chicken, canned veggies, instant mashed potatoes, and a slew of just fuckery.  At this point it was no longer about eating to get filled.  We were going to pay the $12 each or whatever the fuck it was anyways.  It was a social experiment to see if I was delirious from 10 hours of driving or if this was real life.  

The food was not edible.  I tried some of it to test my manhood and sanity because I was pretty sure someone was going to come out from behind a wall and tell us we were punked and here is the REAL food.  The meatballs tasted like dogfood.  Maybe it was actual dog?  I ate some bread and tried some of their fucked up, store bought desserts.  I was done, this was a travesty, and if Gordon Ramsey or Robert Irvine came to this place they would have a fucking stroke.  

Here is the place:


FRAT?  GTFO then!


As we are getting ready to leave we go to take little girl to get a diaper changed and to the bathroom.  Can't find the bathroom.  Go out the hallway and look to the right and see a whole bunch of little stores that I didn't notice before as I just went right in after a very long day, it's dark, raining, etc.  So I come to realize this is a truck stop.  No trucks out front so I had no idea.  It's an indoor strip mall of fuckery.  The most bizarre combination of "stores" you could find.  There was a barbershop.  There was this place that sold cheap looking chrome accessories and shit for ghetto looking cars.  There was a creepy arcade.  There was a place that sold car stereo equipment.  There was a place you could take showers and wash your clothes.  There was a tailor that you could see what looked like nice suits inside, but was closed.  What surrounded the entrance?  Why of course it was a glass case that sold knives, samurai swords, ancient warrior head gear, Chinese stars, etc.  Who the FUCK would combine these two?  Who the fuck would take ANY nice suit they have to a place like this that is attached to something like that?  Really?  The whole place seemed pretty clean, but it was shady as fuck.  This was 1/4 mile off the highway and right down the street from a huge car show that Carlisle is known for.  I have never been as confused in my entire life as to the fuckery of "businesses" inside this place.  Got the fam and got the fuck out ASAP.  The grand finale?  As we are getting ready to leave we notice a young couple next to us and the girl is giving him a hand job in the parking lot.  Stay classy, Carlisle.


well i know where im going for my next vacation!