Ate too many salt and vinegar chips; mouth hurts.

My mouth kind of hurts now because I ate too many Lay's Salt and Vinegar chips.




I hear cock helps

My favorite kinda chips. No need to share, no one else likes em :).


Put some semen on it. Phone Post 3.0

One of the big things I miss from the Northwest is Tim's Cascade Salt and Vinegar chips...  I had my folks mail us a box, but it's difficult to ration those addictive fuckers.

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I hear cock helps

I think that's what he meant by 'salt & vinegar chips'

Salty balls followed by the vinegar shot Phone Post 3.0

I just demolished a pack of sea salt and balsamic vinegar crisps.

They were glorious.

Here's a fun fact. If a girl eats salt and vinegar chips she will swallow your load.

I assume it's the same for op. Phone Post 3.0

NiteProwleR - My favorite kinda chips. No need to share, no one else likes em :).
Same here! Phone Post 3.0

I'm jealous. I'm on a slow carb diet. No chips until cheat day. Phone Post 3.0

Eat some oatmeal Phone Post 3.0

Quick, stick your tongue up my butthole!

bends over Phone Post 3.0

Dressed All Over are the best chips ever

I'm sure it didn't help stretching your face around a huge black cock last night either...

... All in moderation, my friend. Phone Post 3.0




Next time, 

eat with this!


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Just don't dip the chip, take a bite, and then dip the chip AGAIN!