Ate too many Skittles.

I got a big old bag of sweet and sours Skittles.  Some are sweet some are sour.  I ate a shit ton of Skittles.  

I don't feel good.  

Shit the rainbow!

I was in Target and saw the Skittles.  Sometimes my sweet tooth gets the best of me.  I just had to have them.  

Skittles are great in moderation but eating too many makes me feel bad.  I guess that goes for any candy.  

I'm going to pour me a big ass glass of water.  

switch to gummy bears

I really wanted some Lemon heads.   I havent seen those around lately.  

They give me a mild allergic reaction, they make my tongue itchy, it's an odd feeling that I sometimes accept because sometimes I just need to taste that goddamn rainbow

I tried these the other day. The sour cherry were the best.

What a coincidence, Steve and BJ Trackman.  We all seem to have a lot in common. 


I am a skittles connoisseur and can confirm the sweet n sour flavor to be the greatest skittles flavor of all time. You were at their mercy, op

Where's Jorge Zimmerman when you need him?

Poop Doodle -

Where's Jorge Zimmerman when you need him?

Sprinkle some sprite on him.

Been there. Haha. I know how you feel.

you doing Raiders voodoo hoping to unretire Lynch?