Ateroids Deluxe restoration

Ok, shit got real when I picked this thing up. I took it right out of a crack den. The crackhead that sold it had no electricity and you could tell her and her boyfriend had just lit up. He had the crack pipe partially out of his front pocket. I got in and out quick on this one. I saw a Ms Pac cabaret there but the crackheads were convinced it is worth $1500. lol I offered $100 but no dice. Anyhow this is what I came away with. After a little poking around I replaced the power cord and BAM working machine. So in this restore you will see all cosmetics and clean ups. I will replace all the artwork and restore the game to factory original condition. This includes artwork all the way around, bezel art, replace the marquee and add a coin door mechanism.

Still waiting on the parts to come up. I have seen a few PCBs but people were asking too much for them. They were asking $200 range when the board goes for $60. I have mostly been in gathering mode grabbing up cabs and parts. Also getting my workspace in order. Any work I do to these will be documented here on these threads. It takes awhile to find and gather all the parts needed. Once I do a bit of research and get a coin door for this one it will go pretty quick. this particular cab is all cleaning and cosmetics.

Fun note on this one. Notice it has no control stick. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to wrap your brain around button only gamelplay.

The hold up on this one is the interior artwork. There is some blacklight cardboard art the game uses to make the gameplay look almost 3D. The monitor is mounted right behind the buttons there and facing towards the back of the cabinet. You actually play through a mirror that is reflecting the monitor image. It also reflects that artwork giving it a 3D feel. Once I find that artwork this resto will wrap up really fast. a lot of this hobby is hurry up and wait. Also deer season is coming as are the holidays. Realistically I am aiming to have this completely redone at the end of January. I am aiming to have Moon Patrol done by the end of March. That Choplifter I am aiming for the end of December. I also have one more project cabinet I have not shown on here yet. It is a Tag Team Wrestling cab. That one I plan to MAME out and turn into a Donkey Kong Country themed machine for my wife. I plan to use those cheap Rasperry Pi style pc boards to do that one. My goal for that cab will be to have a full working MAME for under $200. Still tossing around ideas on that one. I'll post pics when I have everything gathered.

Awesome! I haven't tried your recommendation of posting craigslist ads offering 100 or so for cabinets. I should do that and start learning Phone Post 3.0

Always gotta sneak that nice truck in the photo huh? Phone Post

I gotta pull the games out of the garage or it's too dark, but I do love my truck.

ec: I've only been offering $50 for broken cabs. Nearly everyone is happy with that. I do have some loons that think their Super Pac Man cabs are worth $1000, but I just tell them thanks for responding to the ad anyhow. Even if a cab can't be restored you can MAME them out for super cheap. I have one I have not shown yet that I will attempt to make my wife a cheap mame cab with. I plan to use one of those cheap Rasperry Pi mini pcs. We shall see.


I have an original Asteroids cabinet, it's in ok condition.

Hard to play a game with no joystick.

ha ha I was a master. Trick is to leave one little rock floating and keep flying north and popping those little 1000 pt ufo's

Got the coin door and interior bezel on order today.