Atheist attends church, attacks pastor

Or, "Which OGer was this?"

In a statement Maxie wrote to police, he said he had attended church with his girlfriend that morning because he was “trying to regain his faith in God.” He admits to having “asked questions about science and faith,” and claims that Hayes told his girlfriend she was “going to hell for dating me.”

At that point, the man whose Facebook page declares “I’m proud to be an atheist,” made what he believes was “the worst mistake ever.”

Lol what a moron.

I don't believe in God but at least had the intelligence to just play along when I went to church with my ex and her family.

Definitely a fine candidate for the other Big House.

He will be forgiven. It will take some tithing, but he most definitely can find forgiveness.

thirdleg - Only took one church session to turn him violent huh? Usually takes years of indoctrination before religious people start killing.
He didn't believe the fairy tale I guess. Phone Post 3.0