Athens Police must be sh1tting it

Man U vs Liverpool European Cup final.

Greek Police are not exactly known for their crowd control. Could be a recipe for disaster.

I bet everyone in Athens is hoping for a Milan victory tonight.

They'd all be on the same flights over there as well, which might be a bit strange...

Well, I think most Liverpool fans will be flying from Dublin.

^^ lol ^^

Good point tbh, and Man Utd fans from Heathrow/Stanstead/Gatwick etc. Ok, never mind, I take it back!

to be honest, if i was flying over there as a united fan, which hopefully alot of people will....(expect me to be getting plastered tonight if it happens).... i would just be pally with everyone.

out of all the teams that were in the champ league, i would feel better about playing liverpool, and i would rather lose to liverpool than chelsea.

it should be a good atmosphere if its liverpool united, i dont think there will be that much trouble, cos an all english final is something for everyone to celebrate surely?

all liverpool fans i know are hoping united win, and all united fans were cheering for liverpool last night...

weird times

Milan shall snatch a 1-0 victory at the San Siro tonight.

And then beat Liverpool. and Shotgun Mick shall have to change his name to something filthy and humiliating.

Dream on haggis boy.

Kurt do you really not expect there to be trouble?

Man U and Liverpool fans HATE each other. I never realised how much until a Manc lad I used to work with put me in the picture.

lol ofcourse there will be trouble... just not as much as expected perhaps

Mick why do they loathe each other so much?

Any specific history or is it just being local and successful rivals?

There is hate there for sure. Though for some reason....I have a feeling that it might not be as bad as we'd think. I think Kurt has a point.

Guess we'll have to wait and see eh.

As far as I gathered it is just because they are local and because they are both successful.

I think they are just taught to despise each other from an early age.

scousers and manc's have always just hated each other, dont think it started with football either.

there is a bigger enemy in chelsea now, and now that threat has gone, everyone can have fun :-D

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lol true

fair point dj.

i knew youd fucking jinx us Mick!!!!

im coming for your blood

Ahhh fuck. The jinx of the Geordies.