Athletes get bigger, faster, stronger, so why

Are there so many track and field records that are 20+ years old

Triple jump,

Long jump

High jump

shot put

pole vault

female 100 meters



female 800 meters

Probably because the best athletes in the world aren’t pole vaulters lmao


Mainly because the idea that athletes get bigger/faster/stronger is something that is measured as an average, across large numbers of athletes.

However, you only get a complete genetic outlier (perfect genetics and work ethic) once in a blue moon.

So if you look at average qualifying times or marks, they will get better over time, but world records require the outlier of outliers.


steroid testing has improved


Steroids have also improved. Usain Bolt exhibit number 1

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Are athletes getting bgger, faster, stronger over the last 20 years?

Post WW II you had the professionalization of athletics, better science and (of course) drugs but all that low hanging fruit is gone now.

The drugs are better than ever


Fun fact: Thoroughbred horses are getting slower each generation as the DNA is diluted. They are all descended from the same 4-5 horses from a couple hundred years ago.
Most speed records were set in the 60’s and 70’s.
Secretariat’s triple crown records still stand 50 years later.


But surely every x amount of years you getx amount of people with the right genetics to make it, the ones born now are getter better training methods, nutrition, recovery which you would think would lead to more competion and better results

Why the assumption that athletes are getting bigger, faster, and stronger? what mechanism would account for that?

Watch the documentary Bigger, Faster, Stronger

The better athletes go where the money is.


When are we getting the next Shaq or Wilt? That’s what I’d like to know.

80s and 90s were like Group B rally. No limits! Now it’s more “optimized” in terms of nutrition, training, etc. but raw juice is less.

Pole vaulting is a bizarre sport or event . Who thought of that ?!


Ppl are having fewer kids now so you have a lower probability of having the right genetic combination. We have more ppl now but they’re old, not the young ppl that set athletic benchmarks


there’s a great documentary on the history of the fastball and the measurement of it’s speed going all the way back to the 20s i think. it was extremely interesting. they concluded that the fastest pitch of today (around 107) isn’t a full MPH faster than pitches in the 20s.

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Looking at this new crop of 100m runners makes me convinced Bolt was juicing hard. No one has come even close to the record he set when he fucked off the last 5m

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Your favorite athlete right ?

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