Athletes or people with funny names

Dick Trickle

HaHa Clinton-Dix

Who else?

Picabo Street

Dick Butkus has to be on this list

Coco Crisp

Came in to say Dick Trickle

Dick Pound

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Gaylord Perry

Dick Pole

Rusty Kuntz

Pete LaCock

Danny Mainus

Nig Clarke

Heinie Manush

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Posse Elyps

Albert Pujols

last name pronounced poo-holes

Ther was a horse called hoof hearted too

TJ RJ AJ backslashfourththefifth

Hinkle mccringleberry

Tyrone smoochiewallace

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Hugh Jasshole

There was a football coach in my area named Rusty Nail. 

Peter North

Richard Zucker

Robert Fagot

Rollie Fingers 

Fanny Chmelar

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John boner

anthony weiner

dick pound