Athletes who collapsed last month from heart problems or circulatory disorders

They’ve been in place since the National Heat Wave Plan that the French government drew up in 2004.

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No details yet…


“The Allen County coroner’s office confirmed to CNN that he had died of natural causes.”


Died naturally at 25.

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Yeah, right!
Happens all the time!

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You are correct. Look how many died on this list alone suddenly. Obviously it’s Wikipedia but a quick Google of a few names on the list brings up the results of the autopsy. List of American football players who died during their careers - Wikipedia

@Snowy790 has been posting vax replies on a forum of a sport he doesn’t watch that he found on google and he’s been coming here since Dec 3rd. Let that sink in. There is no way this guy is legit.

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One day when you are educated enough you may also be able to do some research on things you don’t know and improve on yourself.

Feel free though to highlight that my informaton is wrong and those people never died and are alive and well today and all the information out there that confirms their deaths and causes of it are just figments of my immagination.

I’ll get right on that

What point are you trying to make posting that ?
That athlete deaths haven’t gone through the roof in the last year? If so you failed miserably.

Correct answer, athletes deaths haven’t gone through the roof, you’re learning at last. Reports of Sudden Deaths Among Athletes After COVID-19 Vax Are ‘Misinformation’ |

nobody believes you and your fake stats