Atkins diet

I have recently hit a plateau after losing 30 lbs and am looking to adjust my diet. I was wondering what everyone's feeling were about The Atkins diet.
I have done it before and lost weight years ago but was completely miserable and drained. Ended up quiting after around six months and gained weight back slowly. Would the Paleo diet be a better and more energy friendly alternative? Is Atkins outdated?
I alternate work outs of running and weight lifting. Thanks! Phone Post

The best diet is the one you [will] actually follow.

How about not searching for a magical "diet" and just eat right all the time?

I am not looking for Magical fad diet. I am curious as to whether or not anyone here still follows the Atkins lifestyle. I am interested in hearing peoples thoughts and experiences on it and whether people had similar experiences with it. Phone Post

I don't have any Atkins advice for you. Low carb kills my performance and I'm already pretty lean as it is.

I noticed you alternate between running and lifting. Try combining workouts, run first, then lift all in the same workout. I switched up my training this way and I'm getting ripped even though I'm eating a lot more. Just a suggestion.

Yes, you're right. Atkins vs. Paleo isn't anything to do with fad diets. ;)

The point I was making is severely restricting a macronutrient can be useful for short term goals but isn't generally something you can sustain over time. Your own experience with Atkins seems to point to this.

If you're happy with how you're eating is there somewhere excess calories are coming from? Is there is a less calorie dense substitute for something you're eating? Basically is there a way that you can eat over time (say the rest of your life) and meet your goals.

Expend your energy in searching for things like this instead of a short term fix.

Atkins diet I tried. First week I was drained. Second week and so on, I had crazy amounts of energy and strength (good fats does that to you). After I got off of that diet, I didn't gain too much back. However it got rid of my stubborn fat that was hard to lose and I also started to hate carb like foods since I killed my taste buds. Atkins worked great while i was in keto, however to keep my sanity, I had a piece of cake once in a while (every 6 days)