Atlanta Academy Needs Instructor

Looking for BJJ Blackbelt with solid stand up to head up new academy in Atlanta, Ga. Focus on everyday self-defense, but fighter training certainly an option. If interested, please contact

nobody interested?



I can do it...I have no certs or belts...but like Laimon says...I watch a lot of mma and I study it. What does it pay?


e-mail sent

I know we already have Jacare, a few of his BB's, Paul Creghton (a Renzo BB)....can't remember if there are any others. They are all doing their own thing, though...either already instructing or have their own place.

Good luck. Love to see the sport grow in our city.

Junior Assuncao.
He is a Brown Belt but
His fighting speaks for itself

Renato Tavares ATT Black Belt

754 2142351


Looking for a skilled black belt to step in and help with the building of a new school and program in Atlanta. Great opportunity for the right person. PLease email me at for more information on teh school and the opportunity. Thanks

Are you able to give any info re: the location/when it will be opening?




Looking for BJJ Blackbelt to build and head a program from the ground up. Willing to offer a lucrative pay scale with potential for profit sharing. The school is located in the heart of Atlanta, and it is over 10,000 square feet. Look forward to hearing from you.