Atlanta judo or bjj clubs


looks like i will be in Atlanta for a week this month. what and where are the clubs where a fella can get in some randori or roll a bit?

what part of atlanta?

I will be staying at the Hilton Downtown on the intersection of Harris and Courtland.

Looks like I will be there for 5 or 6 full days and there's no way in hell I can be around nothing but teachers for that long. I need to go get some bruises.

thanks for any help anybody can give me.


Leo White's club is in Atlanta. Check out

The Atlanat Judo Academy is not far from where you will be. I believe they practice Mon, Wed, and Saturday. Also Leo has been working with Waka Mu Sha Judo Club which is not that far either. I believe he is there on M and W as well.

Email me your # at

for BJJ, Jacare, leader of the Alliance Team is in Atlanta.

'for BJJ, Jacare, leader of the Alliance Team is in Atlanta.'

That's true.....Josh try and reach out to JuDoK@ he's trained there for years. I assume he's still there.


Josh, feel free to email me and I can try to set you up anywhere here in ATL.

Is this BenE.?

so, it sucks. im not going to ATL now. the principal at my old school found out i was going to a different school and pulled my funding. which, is bullshit because it is school district funding and not school-specific. anyways, some other day guys. some other day.