ATLANTA: massage/chiro recs?

Please recommend massage therapists (LEGIT ones...ahem) and chiropractors in the Atlanta area. Thanks in advance!

Dr.Lindsy Crawley (chiropractor) is very, very good - if you email me your info, I can pass it along to him - I'm at

sorry, no massage therapists in Atlanta come to mind off hand but he possibly may have some working for him

what part of atlanta?

Dr Philip Hurd in Chamblee is very good. Lots of massage places in Atlanta (2 different massage schools).


thanks guys.

I live in Midtown and commute to Marietta Square for work.

 Not really in your area, but if you want a good one go here.

He trains with us and understands the injuries of our sport like none other I've been to.  Blue belt under Jacare, and purple belt under Paul Creighton so he knows what is going on.

I loved my old chiropractor, but have felt a million times better since I've been going to Kyle.

travenbjj - Depends if you want a "happy ending"

yes... i do...