Atlanta UGers & LA Boxing members

This guy on AOL instant messaged me a while back and said he trains with some guys from L.A. Boxing.
But he doesn't fight in the ring, just at the gym or in his backyard. And he wanted to know if I'd show up and fight him "for fun".

So I said okay. He doesn't seem too crazy, other than the fact that he wants to fight me in his yard in Atlanta.

But I thought I'd ask around, Stan Mobley is his name. Any Atlanta people know him? Should I go have an amateur MMA match this weekend? I'm thinking it will be a good experience, even if I end up losing.

check on on their mma message board.

Cool, thanks.

We could probably get you guys on our 3/6 card.

I might not even be able to make it to Valdosta on the 6th, I really wish I could.
I wanted to see Charles McCarthy win again, but I will probably be out of town.

Actually I wouldn't mind doing that, but this guy says he doesn't fight at shows. He just likes to train full-speed.
And I haven't been training at all, and I'm out of shape, and I've never had a fight, so this will be a good warm-up for me.

But I think you know my brother, Jason Hornbuckle. My name is Adam. Maybe I could fight for you in another show sometime soon.

your not coming to my valdosta fight? ok thats it... fight is off! j/k :). hope you can make it but if not im sure there will be pics or video.


Stan is a good guy. I've trained at his place before. He's got some wrestling mats so you probably won't be out in the grass...but who knows.

He's just a guy who REALLY loves to roll/fight.

i used to train with a Stan back in the day but I don't know if its the same one. THe I trained with trained with me at Obake and then Ricardo Murgel as well. Best of luck and I hope you have fun. Where are you training now?


I'm not training at all!
I'm gonna get killed.

But thanks for posting, guys.
Now I know that I won't literally get killed.
I will just lose very badly.

But I'm living in Macon, and I used to train some at a dojo with my brother in Vidalia. But I didn't train much, and that was over 4 years ago.

good luck post what happens.

dude if you live in macon you should be training with cam and the afa... sheesh! :)

Yes - but I don't train!

I'm going to see how well I do, and then compare in a few months, after I've trained some, learned some skills, and lost about 50 pounds.

seriously get in touch with cam and matthew waller. you live right near where they train and you would be foolish to pass up such expert instruction :).

Yeah Call Matthew!

I think his number is 478-475-1092
if he doesnt answer just leave him a message. They train at the golds gym on riverside drive on Tues and Thursday at 7:30 until (upstairs in the bag room).
Just walk in!

Monkey, why does your profile say that YOU are Matthew Waller? I thought he posted here under his own name.

If you are him, though, I was at the Macon show and you let me make an announcement for all the people to meet in the lobby.

adam: thats matthew waller. There are two people on this forum that may have confused you, "waller" and "matthewafa" but neither are the amazing stick we all know and love :).

Adam, call me first thing in the morning, if you're really going to do this.

And I have been wondering why I knew all that information above like his number and where they train.
Eamil me sometime at

That Stan Mobley guy has IMed me before too. From the sounds of it, he is some sort of Toughman fighter who wants to brawl. He may be Georgia's version of GrapplerZ though, so I wouldn't go to his house under any circumstances.

"And I have been wondering why I knew all that information above like his number and where they train."

And I have been wondering why you refer to yourself in 3rd person:
"Yeah Call Matthew! I think his number is 478-475-1092"

You fooled me! I won't fall for THAT one again.
But now I understand.

And no, I was never confused between Matthew Waller and MatthewAFA Coursey.
But now he's back to his old name, Sinister Minister, which is pretty cool too.