Can anyone tell me about the Atlanta nightlife?

Where to go, what is cool?

And any cheap suburbs not too far away that have good neighborhoods, but not too expensive?

You still curious about Atlanta?
Coming into town?
Atlanta has a lot of night life of pretty much any kind.

The Buckhead area is known for its clubs, and is one of the nicest/wealthiest parts of Atlanta. But there are also other sections of Atlanta that have a different feel to them. Virginia Highlands and the Midtown area is more laid back, with some clubs (not of the meat market variety like in Buckhead), and GREAT restaraunts.

The Five Points, and Little Five Points area are probably the "bohemian" sections. Or perhaps a better word is the counter culture scene...

As to the neighborhoods, the ones immediately surrounding the Atlanta area are very expensive. As are some of the neighborhoods in the suburbs to the north. It is tough to say what your perception of expensive is. I can tell you that taxes are the worst in Fulton county(the county that sustains Atlanta)!! I live in Fulton and this is my biggest complaint with the county. My house is paid for, yet I have to set aside $650 per month to cover my tax bill at the end of the year.

And the mayor is going to increase the water and sewer rates in the city by 300% over the next two years, starting with a 45% increase on january 1. Since Fulton county gets its water from the city, the water bills will skyrocket.

If you want to live close in, go to Cobb County, it borders Fulton and the city. Taxes are low, the area is clean, housing can be reasonable if you know where to look.

What else do ya wanna know?


Thanks ov1.

It looks like I will be moving to Lawrenceville. It is a Northern suburb in Gwenette County.

Do you train?


Problem with Cobb county is the commute into the city is horrible. Traffic on 75 is terrible not that the commute from anywhere outside the city is good. Lawrenceville commute is not much better. I hope you are working in that area. Good luck Atlanta is a great city except teh traffic stinks, other than that its a great place to live.

I have moved & the traffic is terrible.

I work in Norcross.

I live very close to Norcross, I hope you like, the city, Atlanta has tons to offer anyone.

I haven't done anything yet.

We don't know anyone.

Maybe we will go into atlanta this weekend.

funky, I would be happy to suggest some things to do if you want. Just let me know what yall are into. I hope you are enjoying Atlanta I know i do.



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you could watch at our place if you wanted, but you & whoever you brought would be the only one's here besides me & my wife.

shoot, thanks for the invitation, I wish I had seen that earlier.

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