We are in late stages of finishing the schedule of the first USA seminar tour of Chute Boxe Pride fighters Murilo Ninja Rua and Mauricio Shogun Rua, who will be doing seminars together in mid-late January of 2005 in the great country of the USA.

This is only the first of many tours to come, and due to time and distances we can't go to all the places we would want this time, so we're focusing more on the East Coast for this one. However, in the near future, around March/April we will be doing the West Coast.

Since we still have some few dates available on our schedule, if you have an academy that would like to host this seminar, and or are a seminar promoter that would like to work with us, please email us for further details on how we work and how to set up this great seminar.

email us at

Emails from other areas of the USA are also welcome, so we can work in advance for the next one.

It's an MMA seminar that cover techniques from stand up, to clinch/takedowns and ground work. Always with strikes involved, submssions and escapes, in the traditional Chute Boxe style that both brothers use in the ring. It's done under a great atmosphere and so far we have had great times in Europe, so it's time to visit our friends in the USA!

time is running out, and so far we are going to be in Washington DC, New York, Orlando and likely Atlanta.

All emails, even from fighters/fans and friends are welcome. Let's make it happen in more places, cause truste me, it's a great seminar!

Thanks for your time!

Eduardo Alonso.


Thanks! ttt

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ttt for Ninja and Shogun---Great fighters and instructors!!!


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ttt again


At first I thought this was going to be some thread of ninjas and there secret scroll deals.

Looks like there will be a seminar at on Tuesday night 1/18/05 at 6pm.