ATT Academy opens in Olympia

The new gym is scheduled to open this week and there will be an amateur event to mark the grand opening this Friday night.

The gym is located at:
710 Marine Dr
Olympia WA 98501

Questions and/or comments may be directed to:

I was there for the amateur event. I asked the lady taking the money at the door about class schedule(s) and she said there's not one because it's still not certain when the gym will open. When someone finds out the class schedule(s) and when the doors are open for enrollment, please post.


Thanks for attending.

They haven't developed a schedule yet because they have no idea what kind of membership response they're going to get.

USA Mixed Martial Arts
Ultimate Fight Night

Bout 1 – MMA
Brian Caroway (Goldendale, WA) defeated Alex Ramirez (Eagle Point, OR) by TKO (did not answer bell for Rd 3)

Bout 2 – San Shou
Matt Lininger (Yelm, WA) and Wesley Welch (Yelm, WA) fought to a draw after 3 rounds.

Bout 3 – MMA
Justin Nathaniel (Yelm, WA) defeated Austin Heath (Olympia, WA) by KO at 0:12 of Rd 2.

Bout 4 – MMA
Jared ‘Hercules’ Trigg (Olympia, WA) defeated Mykal Clark (Seattle, WA) by tapout (RNC) at 0:46 of Rd 2.

Bout 5 – Submission Wrestling Exhibition
(handicap tag match, 3-vs-1, one 10 minute round)
Jeff ‘The Snowman’ Monson defeated the team of Wesley Welch, Matt Lininger and Eddie Blackburn (Olympia, WA)
Monson defeated Eddie Blackburn by RNC at 2:20, Matt Lininger by armbar at 3:40, and Wesley Welch by (?) at 4:06

Bout 6 – MMA
Tim ‘Timmmah’ Phillips (Rochester, WA) defeated Charles Sauvageau (Ellensburg, WA) by tapout (triangle) at 1:20 of Rd 2.

Bout 7 – Kickboxing
‘Picnic’ Paul Purcell (Medford, OR) defeated Trevor ‘Macho Man’ Michaelis (Olympia, WA) by unanimous decision after 3 rounds.