Att: Albert fm Karma

Albert - i have your tape from kpride. he's going to be mia for a bit. i'm going to be mia this week as well depending on how stuff goes - however i can drop by karma if your gonna be showing. lmk -eric

TTT for Red Croc, the native grappler for doing a commendable UPS job.
For your effort, I will try to go easy on you from now on. :)

Yes, I too must congratulate RC for ensuring that the tape gets there on time or it's free. I too will try to go easy on you and not injure you anymore. lol

FYI, Red Croc does NOT work for Pizza Pizza anymore. I hear he got PROMOTED as a night shift magager for Wendy's.

Red Croc, what do they put in the burgers late at night at Wendy's? KPride, is Leslie helping you out at the ga gae?