Att: All South Florida Law Enforcement

The Renzo Gracie Academy of Weston,Fl  Will be hosting a free seminar for the Law Enforcement in the area. Attached to this threadl is a copy of the flyer for the event. All of you are welcome to attend. Please bring as many of your friends as  you can. We'll have a great time.


The seminar will be held July 24, 2008, from 12:00Pm to 2:00 Pm.


This is a hands on seminar so come prepared to roll. ;-)


If you have any question please fell free to call the academy. 


Please RSVP


Stan Beck

Director of Operations

Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu Weston






from the way things are in s florida what the LEO's need isn't self defense techniques, but better body armor and partners to ride along with.
Sad how little respect the criminals have for LEO's. Its disgusting how many police shootings occur in south Florida.
TTT for getting these guys the training to deal with the animals around here