ATT Backstage at UFC 125

Here is some behind the scenes footage of Thiago Silva and Mike Brown leading up to their fights at UFC 125. Thanks to ATT's Primo for all the footage. Hope you guys enjoy!

 I'm a big fan of Pickett

damn Thiago is an intense mothefucker

Browns fight with Nunes was awesome, very close fight

great vid, hope they keep doing them

xXLINDEXx -  I'm a big fan of Pickett

Pickett is up there with my favourite fighters. Remember getting the Cage Rage 9 DVD with his pro debut on it and have been a big fan ever since.

Hands down one of the most exciting fighters in the game!

I love these.. Thanks ATT

 WAR ATT!!!!!

VTFU Phone Post


great vid, thanks

Awesome video, I like when you guys put these out. Similar to Dana's video blogs but from a whole different perspective.

thiago was really pumped up

that's cool as hell, Thiago's terrifying in that moment before the fight, i love how they leave a clear path from one side of the room to the other for him to pace back n forth. He's been one of my favorites since the first time I saw him, I was bummed he pulled out of 117 cuz 1/3 of the reason i bought the ticket was to see him fight but hopefully he has another fight in Vegas or somewhere in Cali this year, definitely wanna see him fight at least a couple times.

LOL @ Stann preparing for a janitorial role after he's done with the UFC

 Thiago is awesome.

awesome video!


Awesome vid, a huge fan of Silva here!

Chute Boxe never die!!!


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Silva is a beast