ATT: BadBreed!

What time in Cali, should I tune in to watch the FFC event in Biloxi Mississippi?

Thank you.

Hey stranger, always nice to hear from you. Jeremy just
showed up last night, it was nice top see hiim again also.
You can order tonights web PPV at The
FFC is also giving away a FREE BBTV5 FFC6 DVD with
every order.

Looking forward to seeing Jeremy and Denny in February.


I ordered it over 2 weeks ago, do I still get the DVD?

What time does it start here in Cali?? 4:00 pm......?


*jealous of p_doberman*

Badbreed, what time does it start here in Cali,I paid for it 2 weeks ago.....

*starting to panic*


Shit, I got 2 tickets to the show, but my girlfriend woke up with a fever this morning. I called all of my budies to see if they want to go out there with me, but they all have plans.

I may have to go it alone if she doesn't feel up to leaving in an hour. :(

Fuck. She's not going. I either go alone or waste the $60 I spent on the tickets. Shit!

dang it flower, wrap her up like a burrito, put a mask on her face & just go, sheesh, wish I was there...................

dammit. I guess I'll make the hour long drive by myself and sit amongst all of the pleasant rednecks alone like the giant geek I am. Why does this shit always happen to me?!


*kicking own butt*

Just got back. Good show.

How was the PPV broadcast?

I ordered it last week but had to teach my class tonight so I missed it. Will there be a replay for free or a DVD or something?

The Wildman

Wildman, I think it is important that you see the replay ASAP. Jeremy had some choice words on the mic about y'all upcoming fight. Not trying to start shit or anything, but he said something along the lines of "it will go about 10 seconds after he stops hiding behind the flu."

yep, jackson predicted a 10 second knockout via left hook.

Yep, I heard it too, that naughty guy. :)

I know, sheesh.......the things they say for hype huh?

I remeber the last time he talked like that he was TKOed and then talked like that again and had to ice his arm and walk out of the cage the loser. I will just let you guys watch for youself come Feb. 20th when I let my friends do the talking. Mr. Right and Mr. Left. See you soon.

The Wildman

PS I can't wait to see the replay I use that shit as FUEL!!!!! Never throw gas on an open fire!!!


Dang, that will be a fight.