ATT: BadBreed!

Good job BadBreed, it was great being able to watch it live!!!



We appreciate the support. I got to meet Oscar as well. I had him sit next to me at Ringside. I told him we would put him on the next card if he found a gym and got going now.

Can't wait til Feb.,

Rob Braniff


Sounds like it was awesome!

It was great to be able to watch it as it was happening & I am thinking about getting totally snockered so I can fly there in February.

I wonder how many wine coolers it will take to get me on the stupid plane?

I wonder how snockered I will be in when I land?


LOL @ momita getting snockered!




We'll set up delivery of you to the Beau Rivage from the airport in case you're still out when you land. :)


Looking forward to the show in Feb. How are you doing? (health wise)


"I wonder how many wine coolers it will take to get me on the stupid plane?"

Just remember that when the plane gets in the air, the alcohol will have about twice the affect on you. Good stuff.

I'm embarassed to see I don't remember seeing Jackson there.

Is Kenny's knockout on Badbreed yet? I couldn't find it.

Rob, I am about 75% come Feb. I will be 110% you can bet on that.

The Wildman

they interviewed him in the ring right after rich. i think you were stumbling around outside of the theater during that time.

Rich was there?


Watch the FFC 7 over the Internet at Bad Breed TV or


of course you get the DVD, my email is send me your address and I'll get it in the mail today.

email on the way, thanks John!!

glad you liked it.

I didn't like it..............



I loved it!!!