ATT: Christian Montes

Can you please email me at .. ASAP

Get in touch with him you silly bitch. He has a great opportunity for you.


I'll see the silly bitch, umm, I mean my coach, in class later tonight and I'll mention this thread to him.

You can e-mail him at too.


you've got mail.

(i've been waiting years to post that =p)

Why you gotta be out of shape fugger?

I guess version 2.0 is harder to live up to than one would think!

i'm making my way back though - slowly but surely ...

even so - the fight was for 150 and below and i've never fought that low before. I'm more comfortable in the 60's

Got ya bro. Just trying to look at for my peeps.

My Version 2.0 is coming along nicely.

thanks for the props anyways, i appreciate it.

when are you and Adam putting on a camp again? had an awesome time in KY (not the lube, wise-ass =p) last year. the midwest, along with GA and FlA are a lot closer than Portland for me.

Good question bro. Not sure of the answer to that one as of now.