Att: Croatian

Great to read you are coming back. Best of luck, give us a hint who you're fighting....
Is it gponna be at 70 or 85?


Fat chance that will be spilled out in this forum! Pat is gonna kill whomever whenever! Do you guys think that he isn't still sharp as ever, he trains right along with everyone on top of running the business. TTT for Team MFS!

the fight is gonna be @ 185, he said on mmaweekly radio show

he also claimed it was vs a brazilian

my best guess is Charuto

Renzo I bet. Coach vs. Coach in the IFL.

Renzo was ruled out

Pat also said that on the radio show aswell

Ok, I'll shut up then LOL. Maybe Mario Sperry or Marco Ruas?

Pat is the man! He is a great guy! I would love to see him fight again! The rumor is, he is back to training, and is getting in top form again. Is it true? I guess we will have to wait and see? ;)

By the way, this is my mandatory post on a "positive" MFS thread! :)

Ps. MFSfan4life, check your mail, or email me at BZLJJ@AOL.COM. Mike and I are both sitting here wondering if we know you? lol

TTT for Pat & MFS!

pat is the shit

ttt For Pat and MFS

Best of luck to Pat.

I dont like him because he was born in the QC, he had an unfair advantage coming from a small place full of great fighters. (Trolling done... still laughing at the Tim would suck if he wasn't tall comments)

Kick ass Pat!

Ive got a lot of respect and admiration for MILETICH, but he has been away from the cage for awhile now and thats a lot of ring rust and age. Cant see him being "in top form". But I guess the idea is a legends match against someone in his age range that also hasnt fought recently to keep it on an even keel/

Of course nobody keeps up on the allaround aspects in the fight game like he does, or have their "own system. MILETICH FIGHTING SYSTEMS~~


On his worst day he could still school many-a-fighter at their best.......

ttt for pat! i think he is 38 or 39... i dunno for sure. not too late nor too old for sure!

pats age has always been kindve a mystery being i think he was like 29 for 3 years or soemthing like that..idk it was befroe my time..but yea you didnt hear this from me but im pretty sure he just turned 40 back in march

Could it be Rickson? Rumor has been he is in Brazil training for an upcoming fight this year.