Att: Dogbert


In an old discussion I had with Rastus on the difference between determenism and predictability, you brought up an argument that it exists computer(-programs?) that are so complex and advanced that the outcome can´t be predicted, but it´s still determined.

or something like that.. do you remeber?

Do you have any more info, links etc on that subject?

I will take a look.


Well, the basic academic reference seems to be:

GILL, A. Introduction to the Theory of Finite-State Machines. McGraw-Hill, New York, 1962.

I will look for some material on the web.

My search wasn´t successful. I´ll inform you if I find something.

Ok, thanks alot Dogbert. I wasn´t really looking for something super-academic, more on a layman level. Just like any proof that it exists programs/machines that are determined that can´t be predicted.

In this case it was possible to find some super-academic stuff but notthing readable.

lol, ok. I came to the same conclusion after my own research, before I asked you. Thanks anyway!