ATT: Dougie, important

I tried to email you to get the info, but your mail quota is full! I will be doing the Relay for Life 24 hr Cancer Walk & Run for Jacqueline & my dad this Saturday, I need to know what kind she has........ to put on my tag & paperwork. I have to have it by tomorrow.



up for Dougie........



sheesh...... all the emails I send him come back...... his mail box is full. Has he been on here lately?? I hope nothing is wrong.....

She just had another treatment........ sheesh again, I'm worried.


Just got back from 24 hours in quarrantine. They injected me with every immunization they could to make sure that I don't give anything to my Wife from being in contact with outside people while her immune system is down.

Usually they like to do this over a period of a few months but I bit the bullet and did them all in 2 days. I have to wait a few more days for my system to come back to normal though. I figure that if she's going through hell I'll walk right beside her so a few days of vomiting and diarreah will be a small price to pay.

She's doing her 3rd treatment right now for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Stage 4B. So far, the Dr. thinks that not only has the cancer been arrested but her liver is responding by tumours shrinking. She's lost a lot of weight, and a lot of hair, but she's fighting mad still and not backing down.

I have to tell everyone that Mommita has sent a card at least once a month to my Wife and has been awesome in keeping my Wife's attitude up. We never even met and she's doing stuff like this run.

Thanx Mommita, you rawk!

Awesome news :)


I challenge you to chicken wings at high noon JHR!

Just not right now. I could crap through a screen door at 40 feet and not hit screen.



This 'thing' ...its tough. Stay strong...


I'm registered Dougie, it's a 24 hr walk, but I'm in!! My sis is walking for our dad, I'm walking for Jacqueline! I even have sponsors for me & Jacqueline! Now, all I have to do is pray I don't fall asleep walking..........

Heres to Jacqueline's walk!!!

*Go ahead & crap thru the screendoor, I have a far shootin waternozzle........*

LOL,ttt for some amazing and inspiring people.

DowntownMB, isn't it wild that you find the most amazing people in the places you'd least expect? We have Mommita walking for people she doesn't even know. She's the shiznit! In fact she has a present on the way to her place now as we speak but I can't tell her what it is. My Boss is doing a walk and has listed my Wife as one of her people she's walking for through

StelaD, We've taken some serious shots, been dazed, covered up and come back swinging. This thing could have taken apart my marriage, ripped up our family and made us lose friends.

Instead my Wife and I stuck together even harder, my family pulled together along with my friends and we found new friends and great people.

This is going to be a long fight and I intend to bore the hell out of you all by posting about it every step of the way both with the ups and downs. None of us are giving up because this thing doesn't have what it takes to win.

First I've heard of your wife's condition Doug,
hope all goes well. Good for you right in there
with her! Anything I can do to help?

Cancer sucks.

My Wife and I have been telling people who ask, if you want to help then I suggest you go out and do some volunteer work someplace or do some work fundraising for a charity.

Seriously, it sounds wacky but it does great things for the community, people who need it, and yourself.

It doesn't even have to be a charity. If you belong to a martial arts club you can do things like start a UFC party night and order the UFC and invite the club over. Have a dinner night for everyone. Go in and be the guy who cleans the washrooms at your club. Volunteer and help train someone who is looking to comepete in a tournament.

It can be anything. Just go out and do something that is nice for someone else without them expecting it and if they want to give you something back then tell them you expect them to go do something nice for someone else as payment.