att: Dragonhead/Kanji experts

Hi Dragonhead, I'm looking for some Kanji to put on me as a tattoo.

I basically want 'mission' and 'submission' sort of built into a tribal armband, and I was wondering if you could tell me here I could get those Kanji scripts or help in any other way.

If anybody else can help I'd REALLY appreciate it.

•ž?] that is submission I think. Not sure if it is the right submission. ttt in the 'mission is to get a submission'...that can be tough...

Œˆ?Ÿ"_ that means goal...maybe that is closer?...

ttt for Dragonhead, Circus, etc. How off am I?

btw, Pulsar, can you see the Kanji that I put up just now?

Pulsar Dragaonhead just emailed me that I was wrong ;o)

He will post Kanji graphics tomorrow...

Žg–½?@is mission.

‹É is submission.

Oh well, another year and maybe I will get it.

Heh, thanks for your help mate.

I can see 'something' in your posts but it doesn't look like kanji, are they actual .picture files or made up with characters from the keyboard?

Thanks Dragonhead.

If you install the Japanese font, you can see.

Also, Sothy is not Dragonhead. Sothy is from the nation of hocky. Dragonhead is from the nation of sumo.

The kanji character "KIMERU" mainly means "extreme" and "Pole" but also means "submit".

ttt for pulsar

Tidy! Thanks a lot guys, specially Dragonhead and Sothy.

Circus: Stop calling me racist! When I'm anything but. Sorry I don't approve of your hero Yoshida.

Pole? Explain....

``Kimeru'' in Japanese doesn't mean *that* pole. ``Kimeru'' refers to the definition used in science as in ``north/south pole,'' and some others spesific to the Japanese language, like in English language it could also mean something else.

Yes indeed, I can assure you Rhino poles do nothing for me.

Check out for a really talented Japanese artist who will work with you on tattoo designs.

It isn't cheap, but you are gtting something that will be there for quite a while...

I highly recommend Eri.


Tank, Thank you so much for that.

Hey TankEngine... I got in touch with Eri (male or female? LOL) and he/she created some excellent designs, one of which I'm going to use.

thanks for your help.


That's even sweeter.