Att: edmonton military members

open grappling time every sunday at 2:00 in the combat room. everybody welcomed.

See you this Sunday Bernie.

cool, see you then, thats quite the commute.

Bernie, I lied. Cat-O Nine Tails for me boy.

Be easy on me.

yes, everyone should come out to bernies school of submissive wrestling.

wanye, whats up bro?....
chris stay off the meds.....


great group of guys to train with...except carrol man that guy is so mean...hahaha seriously its a great group to train with good luck guys!!!
see you at home chris!!!

is this only for military people


email me your background etc.

well see.

BERNIE... Your days are numbered... I'm coming for you...LOL Just kidding man, Its Dave by the way Are you talking about the room by the pool or the the one that Dave A. trains out of thats has the outside entrance?

the combat room with the outside door .


It's going to be friggin hot tomorrow, bring your gi jacket ;)

Sorry, cant make this week,I have some stuff to sort out.

Hey Dave, I got back to kelowna Friday.  It was nice to see  you sorry I was not around that much. I think that happens every time your down.  seen you around. Tony

Any of you dudes coming to take my place on ROTO 2? We get some good grappling time here in Kabul - large matted area.

A guy from my school who is now with princess Patricia's light infantry just came back to visit for a week and told me there was a group of guys who were going to start training. Anyways his name is Matt and he is a pretty good ground fighter. He was one of the instructors at Aldergrove Achedemy of Martial Arts.

Cool. Been a good tour here for fighting. Lots of french dudes that compete UCC/UGC; finally got some decent gear to use also (gloves / pads).

Can't wait to try a karate chop on an incoming RPG.


no open mat this sunday. I am out of town. See you guys on the 31st......Bernie

Out of town as in TO Bernie? If so, give me a shout,
I hear it's someone's b-day this Sat.

Wayne-o, whats up bro? I am going to yellowknife for an airshow. Ill be back in Ontario in Oct. How old are you going to be ?????