Att: Elvis ... UFC 70 tickets

Elvis: Do you have access to any cheap UFC 70 tickets ?

Ive left my run a bit late, and can only get lower tier tickets which are £200 ($500AUD) each through ticketmaster. :(


500$, bargain

Luke CUMMO will shout you if you go a round of shots with him :(


Sorry to say no.  I've tried at other events but have been unable to secure tickets.


Come on Elvis. Can't you do a Mundine and walk to the ring with 30 people in your entourage? Maybe he could just join the end of the line and be one of these guys :)

Then he could be one of the 200 people to jump in the ring and break it once you win.

Sorry Keats... I've already hit my limit with 37387 people... that's everyone on the OG...


pwnitat0r: If it were in London, I probably would pay up. But the event is Manchester, which means Ive got travel and accomodation to consider too.
This city isnt cheap !

Thanks anyway Elvis.

Just party with Elvis all night when he wins. That will save on accomodation :)

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!