ATT Fighters

Any opinions on ATT fighters: Marcus Aurelio, JZ Calvancanti, Renato Tavares?

They're good.


In terms of them being good....can you elaborate for me?

aurelio is a bad ass on the mat. his guard is great and he is non stop bjj.

Renato is in the same category.

JZ is tough and has quite good wrestling coupled with pretty good jiujitsu.

steinerwear: you have pics of renato wearing your gear on your website... what is it exactly you would like to know?

They are a few among the best.

They be the best damn it!!!

They be, will be, should be, we be, I BE mofucka.

I was just curious among the thoughts of true MMA fans, that's all.....I sponsor them & believe in their abilities, but for me the best part has been to get to know them.....great people....I feel lucky to have gotten to know them & everybody associated with ATT.....truly a class organization

Ron- All hard working stand up guys. They appreciate all the support you give them.

American Top Team

Aureulio is sick. One of the best at adapting bjj to MMA.