ATT Goes 5-0 MMA in New Orleans!!

Heard the guys did really well down in New Orleans this past Saturday.

Ben Starks was able to triangle his opponent in the 1st round for the win.

Mike Bruno had a very tough fight and came out a winner. Mike broke his opponents nose in the 1st round, but the guy wouldn;t quit and came back and almost knocked Mike. Mike was able to control the ground game and pull out the W. Great win for Mike.
Both him and his brother Steve, are some hard working kids. Nice to see him do well.

Thiago Jambo Showed off his new MT skills by rocking his opponent with a nice head kick and following up with a barrage of punches to get a verbal tap out win.

"Maneol" Soares won by disqualification when his opponent refused to restart on the ground when they went into the ropes.

Reyzinho Duarte winning by triangle 1st round.

Lou Nazario won by Knockout of the 1st round. Solid win for Lou who is new to the MMA game.

Congrats on a great weekend!

American Top Team


When are you guys going to have the ATT site back up and running?

sub- Thanks! Most of the content is complete just finishing up with pics and a few more things. I will post soon as it is up and running again.

American Top Team

Didn't Justin Thrift win via KO in round 1 in this event also?!

no he won via head and arm choke

thanks again guys for a wonderful performance, missed you all in the french quarter , heard you all had lot's fo fun, i couldn't find you all

you forgot about Reynardo Duarte, this guy can kickbox good!!!


All the guys who competed were very tough! Congrats to ATT!

they are warriors

ATT won?



I seen the post where it said Justin kicked the guy in the head. What did it do just knock him down? Also wasnt it the same guy he fought the first time?

by the way


Justin had a grappling match against a much heavier opponent.

Lou had the KO

Justins opponent had a cut so he just did a grappling match.

American Top Team

Thanks everyone.

COngrats to all ATT guys

Hey Puma..please tell Carlao to email me at

he was supposed to be coming to my neck of the woods and we were gonna talk business plus i was wondering how his dad was...gracias bro

Nelson- Shoot him an e-mail



ATT Big Congrats ....Nice Job guys....

ATT Making Champions and keeping them on top.



Props to Justin for going up against a heavier guy...he's been doing that his whole life! I've seen him tap a guy that was'd have a hard time finding someone with more heart and spirit than the 'Shrimp'

Way to go Justin!