Att: Grizzlies fans

there is NO chance Ricky Rubio is gonna go to Memphis, would you trade your pick for David Lee and the #8 pick?

Yes, but Lee's desire to stay away from Memphis (talked about last season) makes me look for a possible Kevin Love to Memphis swap.

Rubio will be drafted by Memphis even if it is for trade bait though. Either that or you will read about firings in the Grizzlies front office. Bungling this pick is not going to work. The GM already stated if they like Rubio for the #2 they are drafting him, no matter what he says.

It's pretty pathetic and petty by these athletes to shun Memphis. Curry, Flynn and Rubio declined workouts. Memphis ISN'T the worst team in the NBA right now and yet they are getting shunned for places like Sacremento and Golden State.

Kinda sad

"If we want [Ricky Rubio], we're going to take him," general manager Chris Wallace told The (Memphis) Commercial Appeal on Wednesday. "We wouldn't have taken a 10-hour flight to Spain if we didn't have interest in him."

Wallace said the organization has sent a similar message to Stephen Curry and guard Jonny Flynn, both of whom have refused to visit Memphis.

I would draft Rubio and threaten his agent that I would tank the little shits first 3 years in the league. This bullshit posturing by the athletes is bad form

While I am not surprised but I haven't heard anything about David Lee trying to avoid Memphis

Kinda weird how Memphis is like the Siberia of the NBA, I've heard even Rubio would go to Oklahoma City but not Memphis

Yah David Lee was opposed to it last season I remember reading. I don't know about now

It is strange about Memphis and I don't understand it and I'm not saying that just as a fan. Hell there are at least 4-5 worse run franchises yet Memphis keeps getting shit upon

"The Nets are "said to be willing to part with point guard Devin Harris" to land the second overall pick in next Thursday's NBA Draft."

Holy shit, blowing up the team for Lebron much!?