Att.: Ian Freeman

Hey Man, this is Ricardo, Frank's trainer. Sorry to hear what you said about Frank, first of all, we did not know anyhting about your father untill after we got back from the hospital, about 06:00 AM. What this "FRIEND" of mine told is a total BS and it is something that me, Frank or anybody from our camp would never say or wish about anybody's parent. We were sorry for your father and we even talked about how hard it was for you to fight him in that situation. Next time you should ask us if this kind of shit is true. About you fighting him is something that Frank and all of us from his camp would love to have, he lost to you without giving any excuses. You were a better fighter that night and all the credits go to you and your trainer.
Once again, congratulations for your win and WE are sorry for what happened to your father.

P.S.: The only friend we had there, went with us to the hospital like friends would and l bet my ass on them!

Best regards,

Ricardo Pires (Frank's trainer).

classy...Ricardo is always a class act!






"Damn shame Ricardo is a mudnamer."

What the hell is a mudnamer?

Very classy post Ricardo! I would love to see a rematch between the two. It was completely classless to air dirty laundry like that to the world.

Hey Ian, if you're not looking for a rematch, what is the point of posting that shit? Where I come from, if you're going to talk shit about someone, you better be prepared to back it up, otherwise you stay quiet. If you feel Frank is a paper champion, than I'm sure you should want a rematch. Seems like Frank and his trainer/manager would like to see that happen, the next step is a call to Dana...

Ricardo, I'm glad to see Frank win the UFC title. Several of my friends have rolled at LVCC while visiting Vegas and had nothing but good things to say about you and Frank. They said Frank was very approachable and a very nice guy.

I know you guys have taken some crap from people who didn't realize Sylvia's arm was broken and fighters who want a shot at the belt (Freeman)...but there are people who are happy to see Frank win the title



I told you in your first thread that there is no way Frank would ever say anything like that. Now you have it right from the source. Ricardo and Frank = class. Period.

Now if you want a rematch go ahead and respectfully ask for one, I'm sure you'll get it.

CXlass acts from what I'm seeing. I recognize why Ian would
be frustrated. The fight game is one of circumstance. There
are reasons hwt sam langford never got the hwt title, or why
Royce was able to take out every1 in the early UFC. The
circumstances were right or wrong, and everything clicked.
For Ian, if the circumstances were correct, he could have
been the UFC champ, and that's gotta be frustrating. Throw in
the tragedy of his father's passing, and that just personalizes
a really frustrating scenario. Bottom line so far is, it's nice to
see that Ricardo is taking this the right way and it won't be a
mountain of a feud b/c it shouldn't be. Both parties involved
are too first class for it


(I answered you on a different thread)


Thank for making the time to reply to me. I hear what your saying about Mir and I have no reason to doubt you; just like I have no reason to doubt the 'FRIEND' that spoke to me.

The FRIEND is a well known fighter that was drinking with me late that night drowning our sorrows over my father.

If you say he never said it, then fine, but it still wont make me like the Mir's attitude.

Everyone here is thinking I'm asking Mir for a, I'm not. I beat him fair and square and it's he that should be asking me to have his unblemished record cleared. I am making a little more cash on TV, than I did in the fight game. so please don't take my comments about Mir as a challenge.

If we ever meet in the ring again, then we can sort our differences then, but thank you so much for making the time and effort to explain.

If anyone wishes to further this conversation, please mail me at

I do not wish to put my foot in it or speak out of line again on here. I may be old, but my anger is always young!

Thank you.

Ian 'The Machine' Freeman

p.s. why is everyone saying...why am I waiting 2 year to call out Mir and hate on him. The answer is I'm not calling out Mir, why should I, I beat his ass already and I have not waited 2 year to hate him. Read any interview about my views on Mir and they will all state the same. I just dont like the man period!

do you guy's love everyone? I think not!

I just wished I had spoke out at a different time and not just after his win of the belt.

Sorry Ian, but your problem with Mir seems uncalled for now that Pires has made a statement on their behalf. Wish we could believe you. But you (and your friend) are the only one(s) claiming such a thing happened.

My wife was there when it was said and she was so upset to hear it. she has told me to mention the fighters name who told us, just so you can all see what Mir said that night, but hey may be she is lying too....

......and if any man calls my wife a liar, then fuck fighting in the ring....... call me a liar, but not my wife.

and I'm sure it's something Mir would admit to if he has said it... Mmmm, looks good for his championship status eh!

look , I've said what I've said and i dont want to back pedal, but I hate Mir and now Mir is your new champion, so I understand you all defending him. that is why america is a strong all stand by your leader. (and I mean that in a nice way)


There's always two sides to every story and then the truth. Ian has said his piece and sounds very sincere. I'm sure Ian believes what he believes and like he said not everyone likes everyone.

Ricardo was eloquent and respectful in his message and I'm sure believes his interpretation of the events.

I think it's best we all just let it be and best of luck to both men, Ian and Frank.

Take care.

Are you still in good shape? Are you teaching? What kind of work are you doing on TV? Are you going to fight in Pride or the UFC any time soon?

Oliver Fig

Ian you should fight Wes Simms as a comeback fight and then challenge Mir in a rematch. That would be great.