ATT in Japan

I have said it so many times on this forum, I am a fan of ATT and everything they do!! Their vision, their strategy, their organization, their fascility, their intruction, etc. is the top standard for what a professional fight team should be like.

I want to know, how many of their guys are fighting in Japan?

I think they should be fighting there more. Pride, shooto, K-1, etc. I just hope they never have to face BTT. I don't want to see those two teams compete against each other. No way on that.

TTT for ATT.

Marcus Aurelio won the ZST tournament in Japan. I think he will fight in Bushido.

omoplata- Thanks very much. We appreciate your fan support. We wouldn't compete against BTT. We hope to have more of our guys fighting in Japan soon.pummel- Marcus Aurelio is in Japan now with Liborio. Marcus will be taking on Kotani May 5th in ZST-Japan.American Top Team

Cool. Thanks for the news. Hasn't Din Thomas fought in Japan, or am I thinking about Edson Diniz?

By the way, you guys have so many fighters in the same weight category. How do you manage getting them fights? And on what basis do the fighters get priority for a weight division when you have so many qualified guys who are available to fight in that category?

Thanks again.