ATT Jens Pulver


Just wanted to tell you that your book Little Evil was fantastic. I was really touched by your story and have to commend you on what you have gone through in your life. Everyone should read this book and hear this story.

All the best to you, my offer of fishing up here is always open whenever you get some free time. I have a G Loomis myself. All the best in the New Year with your fighting and child

someone let me borrow the book!

Go and buy it, well worth the 20 bucks


thank you for reading the book. I am glad to see that you enjoyed it.

Jens, will you be in Vegas for UFC 46?

I'd love to meet you and have you autograph your incredible book for me.

A very touching story I know I will read numerous times...

i believe so. if you see me grab my attention no matter what i am doing so that i can personally thank you for taking the time to read my book and i will sign too. thanks again.

Wow, thanks Jens!

I'm looking forward to it, hope to see you there. :)

Jens-cant wait to get your book, I met you in Vegas before and after you fight with Hallman. You were very gratious and willing to talk to the fans. Seems not much changed!!! Hope to see you soon Little Evil.

Jens you are my favorite fighter, Happy New Year

read the book strait through this past sunday enjoyed it very much. keep up the great work in all you endeavors jens!!!