Att Jens Puver

I just saw your thread but couldn't post since I am not a pro member. I just wanted to say I hope to see you back in the UFC. The 155 division could use you. Also I wanted to get your opinion on the BJ Matt fight. I know I am not the only one that thinks that was not Matt in there. Anyway good luck to you in whatever you do.

yelm I thank you for taking the time to write, bryanand, i have seen the post, i just wonder if Dana is listening at all. talk to you again

that was cool of jens to post here...good luck with your future fights.

why not contact Pride?

That was very cool that he responded. Thank you Jens. TTT for Jens back in the octagon.

"i just wonder if Dana is listening at all. "

Dana's track record for listening to the fans isn't that great recently.


3t for lil evil back in the ufc


Come back Jens!!

ttt for da haole boy

man, it would be a huge mistake to get rid of the lw division in the ufc. I honestly think it's the most exciting division they have and I'm sure a Penn/Pulver rematch would be huge with the fans.

ttt for the return of pulver

IF Dana does not see how bad the fans want to see PENN vs PULVER II, then I'm lost for words. BJ would do it for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He would even PAY Jens to fight him again, well if the UFC does NOT set this up soon Rumble on the Rock will. They will be on PayPerView soon...... ROTR ..........

ttt for Jens back in UFC. The fans want him back!!!

ttt for jens


Penn/Pulver 2 on ROTR! Get in on PPV first.