from everyone in Ottawa 7-1 BBBBBBBWWWWWAAAAAAAH!!!!

double post...

Guess what MOFO..

Your flyers lost in OT tonight.

Know what that means ?? Pat Quinn is the coach of the All Star team...

HAD Philly won, Ken Lovescock would have been...

As for the game, It was a forgone conclusion, Kidd was in net Sundin was in the stands and all the injuries. Ottawa kicks ass in the regular season, too bad they'll fall apart in the playoffs... LOL and now with that nimrod Alfredsson virtually jinxing them before the playoffs begin, I can't hardly wait !

Nice move retard, gaurenteeing your team will win the Stanley Cup this year...hahaha!

You know how much I hate that coward fuck Alfredsson ?? I literally wish bodily harm on him every time he touches the ice.. I want to see him bleed to death...haha I'm sick, I know it but he's one guy I would just LOVE to bust up a little bit if I ever seen him...

Cocky little fuck...

Karma's a bitch.

*edited to take my Ritalin*

I hope he dies of a bloodclot.

7-1... at least the OT loss got the FLyers one point HEHE

It got them 1 point retard.

2 points to win.

Stick to fishing...


too damn cold to fish this weekend....1 point, fixed that... 1 point closer to winning our bet too



Fuck you Daniel Alfredsson.

I agree Alfy sucks! at least we can agree on that


Please provide your address.


I'm coming to pick you up right now!!!


I'm pissed, but I already have Jan 31st circled on my calendar. Hopefully St.Johns, I mean Toronto will have a full squad in there.

Ottawa won, fair and square, as they had injuries too, but man am I pissed.

1-0 Ottawa

Joe... I will have to email you my address JHR is crazy and there is no telling what he will send me :)

do NOT give JHR your address lol

you got that right Jon... get my email?

Joe, what is your email addy?

I hate you all...(With the exception of Joe and Jon)


LOL.. sorry buddy


Make sure that beer you'll have to buy me at the next show is cold.. ;)

first three are on..... you